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James M. Cohen, Attorney-at-Law

James M. Cohen Legal Translations

I (James M. Cohen) am an American attorney-at-law of 30 years’ experience, resident in Japan since 1989, and a specialist in the translation of complex legal documents and materials from Japanese-to-English. My clients are exclusively Japanese, Gaikokuho-Jimu-Bengoshi, American and European law offices, ranging from small and medium sized firms to several of the world’s largest, as well as their clients and corporate legal departments. I am proud that I can provide dozens of recommendations from lawyers at many respected law firms, all of whom have used my office’s services repeatedly and for many years. My clients include several of the largest law firms in the world and Japan, yet I also work with many small firms offering personal attention to suit their special needs.

I handle only those legal translation projects which require the knowledge and experience of a lawyer and familiarity with Japanese and foreign law, combined with high language ability. For most projects I handle, a lawyer’s eye and sensitivity to legal consequences are required in addition to accurate translation. My office handles those projects which cannot be handled effectively by a non-lawyer, non-native speaking translator into the English language. I do not accept projects except from licensed attorneys-at-law and their law firms, their referred clients and corporate legal departments.

Maintaining Privacy & Privilege, Bound by all Duties of Attorney Confidentiality

Specialist in Legal Document Translation from Japanese to English

Attorney-at-Law, Admitted in Washington D.C. & Florida (Not-Admitted-In-Japan)
J.D., 1986, The Duke University School of Law

Projects Include

All Manner of Agreements

Real Estate Documents

Corporate and Shareholder Documents

Financial Contracts & Materials

Administrative Forms & Records

Lawyer Memoranda & Legal Opinions

Litigation Pleadings & Evidence

Statute and Rule Translations

Labor Documents and Work Rules

Discovery Assistance

Recommendations Available from Dozens of Lawyers at Respected Law Offices in Japan and Overseas

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James Cohen and wife/partner Mina Yamaguchi (Wharton School of Business '93)

James Cohen and wife/partner Mina Yamaguchi (Wharton School of Business '93)

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I can be reached at any time by telephone and e-mail, and I am available to my clients 24 hours a day for urgent matters. As an attorney, I am bound by all rules of client confidentiality and lawyer’s ethics. Staff members in my office are all vetted, understand and are bound by duties of confidentially, and all have worked with me for many years. My principal associate is my wife of 25 years, a Japanese native and graduate of the Wharton School of Business.

Cohen Legal Translations K.K.

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